March 15, 2019

Tom Lee on CNBC: until the end of 2019 we can see bullish rally.

Bitcoin optimist and founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee spoke at CNBC, unveiling his predictions about bitcoins. He says that the "foundation" was laid in 2018, so in 2019 there are many reasons for optimism. Lee stressed that he sees several possible development trends:

“The instability in the global markets will have a positive impact on the positions of BTC. In addition, the fact that the dollar is not growing this year will play a big role. ”

Lee also noted that large financial institutions finally became more active. He remembered the JPM Coin announcement of the stablecoin and the coin that Facebook is about to issue. According to the founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, more and more companies are eyeing cryptocurrencies:

“Fidelity launches digital storage, and Bakkt thinks about its own stock exchange. It says something. ”

The optimistic Bitcoin says that in 2019 there are great chances to see how the top cryptocurrency grows.